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Mandarin ( Chinese )

Chinese language is said to be an amalgamation of seven dialects. These seven dialects are mandarin, Cantonese, Xiang, Hakka, Wu, Min and Gan. The official language of China is Mandarin. Cantonese is mostly spoken in parts of Hong Kong. The Chinese training offered at WiseOgma concentrates mainly on Mandarin.

Learning Mandarin is not a piece of cake. Initially it appears to be a very tough language to learn. There are characters and four types of tone. There are approximately fifty thousand words in this language. The tones and sounds of this language are quite different from English.

Due to this reason we ensure that the language is learnt by the student in an enjoyable way. The environment that we offer is excellent and collaborative. We use audios and videos so that any confusion in relation to characters or tones can be simplified. Proper revision is mandatory which ensures that the student remembers whatever they have learnt in their classes.


● The language courses that are offered at our institute are designed with the aim of helping students achieve their career objectives.

● The courses are distributed over a span of three-four months so that students give enough time to understand and become friendly with the language.

● The training sessions are collaborative and interactive.

● We have a team of trainers that are highly experienced and qualified. They share their experiences which give student a deep insight.

● We have experts who are available all times to counsel students if they are facing any difficulty or get stuck anywhere while pursuing any language.

Chinese (Mandarin) – Course Structure

Levels Duration Areas Covered
Level 1 - Beginner
Level (A1 and A2 = 100 hours)
A1-50 hours
A2-50 hours
Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening
Level 2 - Intermediate
Level(B1 and B2 = 100 hours)
B1 - 50 hours
B2.1-50 hours
B2.2 - 50 hours
Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening
Level 3 - Advanced Level
(C1 and C2 = 100 hours)
C1 - 50 hours
C2 -50 hours
Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening

Students will be provided with the study material. They will have to appear for final exam after completion of each level.


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